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Why Do I have to Wear Work Uniforms?

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Understanding the Industry Uniform

Competition among companies in similar industries is often very fierce, especially a job that is part of the hospitality industry, food service industry or entertainment industry. One way that businesses are hoping to capture the attention of potential customers and to gain repeat customers is to require that their employees wear specific work uniforms instead of their own clothing.

Business owners are hoping that a pulled together employee dressed in a nice work uniform as they go about their work endeavor will impress their customers and make a statement their competitors aren't making. Work uniforms create branding and help set an image in the mind of customers, and while appearance certainly isn't everything, we have to admit that many customers will get their first impression of a business and see the effort of the employees solely based on what the employee looks like, and wearing work uniforms might just be the extra "something" that makes that first, great impression.

As an employee who simply reports to work and receives their assignment for the day, you may not see the importance behind wearing work uniforms. You probably feel you could complete your job just as easily without wearing the work uniform, and maybe the fact that you are required to wear a uniform just adds to the monotony of the daily grind. Keeping your work uniform clean is an additional chore you may not appreciate. However, work uniforms can actually help your employer increase their profits, which in turn is one basis for employers to feel justified in giving out raises.

If the business is making more money, they can afford to pay their employees more, and so it is in the best interest of each employee to also want to see the business succeed; even if that means wearing work uniforms. How can wearing a uniform increase profits of a business? In the eye of the customer, a uniform raises the value of the service or products the business offers by improving the overall industry image. When customers believe a product or service is worth more than it actually is, the business can demand higher prices for those products or services. In addition, work uniforms often increase the overall employee morale; meaning employees may actually put in more effort while on the job, increasing the productivity and of course- business profits!

Work uniforms can also help set your particular company apart from the competition by creating a certain "image". Your work uniforms might have certain colors, the business logo prominently displayed across the sleeves or chest of your shirt, or maybe something very outlandish that won't soon be forgotten by customers. Uniforms that are seen as "fun" to wear by employees will improve the way employees feel about their job, increase their daily effort at work, and maybe help them feel as if they "belong" to the team. Making employees enjoy coming to work every day can go a long way in employee retention, and take the drudgery out of the daily grind.

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