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everyone with an interest in the German Army and the First World War. It is a thorough analysis of the uniforms, weapons and equipment employed
The Armed Forces Of World War II. Uniforms, Insignia And...
The Armed Forces Of World War II. Uniforms, Insignia And Organisation.; MOLLO, ANDREW.. Offered by Nicholas Pounder Bookseller
USATODAY.com - Loaiza wins his 19th; White Sox stay tied atop AL...
The current White Sox wore retro uniforms from that season, a red-white-and-blue outfit with "SOX" across the front.
MilitaryHeritage.com (Military Uniforms, Swords,etc. Sutler)
Free military heritage articles on military uniforms and equipment, artillery, the Napoleonic Wars, the Royal Navy, Seven Years War, military
Polish boy scout uniforms -- World War II
Polish Boy Scout Uniforms: World War II Figure 1.--
Polish Youth Group Uniforms -- World War II
Polish Youth Group Uniforms Figure 1.-- on September 1, 1939, which beause of defense treaties with Britain and France, launched World War II.
Canonsburg soldier wore both uniforms during Civil War
Canonsburg soldier wore both uniforms during Civil War. Sunday, July 11, 2004. By Joe Smydo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
United States Navy Uniform, 1864
Description of the uniform for officers and enlisted men of the Union Navy in the Civil War, with illustrations of epaulets and collar devices.
U. S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Uniforms
Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers' Uniforms: A Historic Photograph Gallery
129+ Military History and Product Magazines (full article text and...
World War II: Special Section MagWeb.com Survey Says We cover battles, weapons, campaigns, commanders, uniforms, TO&Es, orders of battle, strategy
German uniforms during the Early Years of WW1
German Uniforms during The Great War Early War Uniform and Equipment
Civil War Clothing
Civil War Uniform
The Civil War for Kids
Union Flags Emancipation Proclamation Southern States Secede U.S. State Map Gettysburg Address Civil War Battles Biographies of Civil War
Uniforms and Accouterments
Civil War Period Uniforms and Accouterments. Shirts and Vests. Trousers and Suspenders. Overcoats and Ponchos. Hats, Kepies, Forage caps, etc.
The Canadian Military Heritage Project. Find your military ancestors
timelines, statistics, battles, weaponry, uniforms & equipment 1 Soldiers of the First World War, 1914-1918. Loyalists & Their Times, Vol.
Army and navy uniforms and insignia (in MARION)
Army and navy uniforms and insignia. Title: Army and navy uniforms and insignia;
Cons of Mandatory School Uniforms - AskTheBrain.com
Chrissie Tanner, Homemaker and Mom. School Uniforms, Pros and Cons: Family on Women. Thomas Owens, Police Officer
Learn Essays about Uniforms in Schools
In high school, when I heard my father talking about how uniforms in schools should be mandatory, I thought that he was nuts. There was no way I
Navy Uniforms Now Available On-Line
April 6, 2001 Navy Uniforms Now Available On-Line Base Guides
American Civil War Uniform Prints
American Civil War Art Prints by civil war artist Chris Collingwood showing Confederate infantry regiments in great detail during Gettysburg,
History of U.S. Naval Uniforms and Insignia
A WWW site dedicated to presenting the uniforms and insignia of the United States navy throughout its history.
Posted by Cathy Coggin 2/8/05 Firefighters Reprimanded for Wearing
Posted by Cathy Coggin 2/8/05 Firefighters Reprimanded for Wearing Uniforms During Fashion Show. MEMPHIS, Tenn.
The Kentucky Post
Visitor's Guide Local Links School Links HELP Feedback Survey Judge: No uniforms during GI's hearing Judge: No
Autos Insider Business Autos Insider Business Autos Insider Business...
T-Mobile uniforms during TdF stage 6
T-Mobile uniforms during TdF stage 6 Grand Tours - Giro - Tour de France - Vuelta a España. Visit our forum to discuss T-Mobile uniforms during TdF
Uniforms During the Civil War
Uniforms During the Civil War "At the start of the Civil War,many southern troops wore attractive, sometimes fanciful, uniforms."
US Civil War - The Blues & The Grays - Union & Confederate Armies
a comprehensive and detailed study of the handguns and shoulder-fired weapons used by Confederate and Union soldiers throughout the war.
*The Civil War Homepage*
The Union & Confederate States Map. Famous People During The Civil War. Uniforms Used During The Civil War
Uniforms and Accoutrements of His Majesty’s Marines during the...
Uniforms of His Majesty's Marines during the American Revolution
C. Hamilton Smith's Experiment with the Colour of British Army...
Article on experiment with the colour of British Army uniforms during the War of 1812 including the colour effectiveness as a target.
Canada, French Canadians and Franco-Americans in the Civil War Era -...
Last modified: 2001-08-13 Chapter Three The Growth of French America During the Civil War economy grew as demand for food, uniforms, blankets
Loyalist Institute: Loyalist Military Main Page
During times of war it was expected to expand with the raising of new regiments, both at home and in the colonies.
American Revolution Uniforms
American Revolution Uniforms. American Revolution Uniforms. During the American Revolution (1775-1783), the colonists wore different uniforms
German Troops during the Revolutionary War
Ansbach-Bayreuth regiments, companies and their leaders. Uniforms and equipment (coming soon) © Jochen Seidel, 2002-2003
Uniforms of the Civil War
Includes uniforms of both the Union and Confederate soldiers during America's Civil War. Illustrations show full view of 26 uniforms.
Some Notes and Sources on Western NC During the Civil War
Some Notes and Sources on Western NC During the Civil War NC was a textile state, so we had cloth to make uniforms better than most states, but
Military history of Bristol during the Revolutionary War
A military history of Bristol during the Revolutionary War 1793-1802 carried out their self appointed tasks dressed in pseudo-military
Historical Sketch, 86th NY Infantry during the Civil War - NY...
equipage, dead and dying horses, and maimed and broken-down soldiers in ragged uniforms of gray. Back to 86th Regiment During the Civil War
Farmington During the American Revolution
Farmington During the American Revolution a system of bounties and incentives was developed, including tax abatement, free uniforms and food,
ABC13.com: Survey: Most Rice faculty members oppose athletic...
Presidential candidate Ralph Nader called the advertisements on uniforms during major league baseball's season-opening series an
Historical Text Archive: Links : United States: Revolution
Uniforms of the American Army (501 clicks) Description: Interesting article on the uniforms worn during the American Revolution.

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