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A Uniform Shirt is Not Just a Shirt

Uniform shirt

A uniform shirt whether part of a business suit, military uniform or other outfit is an important item of clothing. Often breast pockets, cuffs or shoulders are used to display rank and achievement. This is not surprising really as it is the item of clothing that is closest to eye level.

A uniform shirt is generally very neat and cut to a particular style, depending on the guidelines of the organization it represents. Every group or team has a look that they want to portray in addition to wanting their team to appear unified. A uniform look is usually the beginning or the foundation of a unified spirit. This is why many leaders view uniforms and apparel extremely important for the organizations were team morale and unified thinking are important.

New recruits into the military quickly learn that their shirts and other parts of their uniforms should be presented in the cleanest, neatest way possible. Shirts are to be ironed, to fit well and be done up properly so that the wearer cuts an impressive figure wearing it. It does not take long for recruits to understand that the shirt wears them as equally as they wear the shirt.

A shirt is simply one part of an outfit or uniform, still, it is the item of clothing that in many instances is at eye level for people and therefore it can be used to portray a lot of unspoken messages and information. This is part of the reason that t-shirts were invented; they are effective. In the business world, men and women are most often seen wearing white or light blue shirts. These conservative colors allow them to blend in well with other people in their environment. They do not want to stand out for wearing colors that are out of the ordinary for the corporate world however, they will usually experiment by wearing a shirt that is designed in a unique way or made by a famous designer.

Because the shirt is one of the most popular items of clothing used to portray messages, almost every branch of military uses the shirt to display rank and achievement. Badges and patches are sown into the shirt to demonstrate the accomplishments of the wearer. Furthermore, with just a quick glance, those members of their squadron immediately know how the person wearing the shirt should be addressed.

In warm climates where it tends to be extremely hot year around, khaki is acceptable and often in use. If fact, you will see more khaki shirts in use than blue or white, which really is not a practical color in a dry dusty environment. In these cultures and these environments, khaki is the accepted conservative attire and the person wearing a bright, white shirt would appear a bit strange.

Uniform shirts and smart shirts are preferably made of cotton although at times they need to be made of a heavier material for practical reasons. The style of a shirt, the number of pockets, and where those pockets are located on the shirt all depend on the purpose of the shirt. Often military shirts will have an extra strip of material on the shoulder where symbols of rank can be placed as well as above the breast pockets.

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