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Healthcare professionals are almost always required to wear uniform scrubs while at work. While scrubs were once just a basic, solid color, typically white for nurses and blue or green for doctors, there is now some variety in the design of healthcare uniform scrubs. There are literally hundreds of vendors offering a wide variety of scrubs for doctors, nurses, and even lab style scrubs and coats.

If you are a nurse who works in a children's hospital, it makes sense that your uniform scrubs are going to be pleasing, non intimidating, and entertaining to the children you work with, doesn't it? Children who are in hospitals for illness or surgery are already scared enough as it is, anything that a healthcare professional can do to help alleviate some of that fear is well worth the effort. Disney offers a full line of healthcare scrubs for nurses and doctors, featuring all of the favorite characters children know and love! Bambi, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and the gang are all found on nursing scrubs. You can get an all-over print design, or even have some fun by purchasing a scrub shirt with Pooh bear peaking out of your breast pocket, or purchase a scrub shirt that features a scene out of the woods wear Bambi lives- and let the children try to find the partially hidden Bambi under the trees. Character uniform scrubs can help put young children at ease while they're in the hospital, and can open the lines of communication by giving them something to look at and talk to you about- allowing them a chance to become comfortable with you. Uniform scrubs don't stop there, however! Don't forget you can get stethoscopes in brightly colored versions as well- and of course, have your favorite character engraved in the top as well!

Uniform scrubs designed for the healthcare professional can also be purchased with your name or employment title embroidered on the pocket of your shirt. There is something comforting to patients who can glance at you and be able to call you by name, so adding your name to your scrub could go along way in assisting your patients during their stay at your hospital.

You can purchase your uniform scrubs to correspond with the seasonal temperatures of your particular geographical location, as well. Scrubs come in tee shirts and light weight pants, cardigans and lab coat styles, heavier material pants to keep warm if you tend to feel cold in the air conditioning of the hospital you work in, and even skirts for women who prefer to wear skirts over long pants. Once upon a time, healthcare professionals did not have much of a choice in the uniform scrubs they wore. They just pulled on their white or blue shirt with their white or blue pants, and went to work. Now, uniform scrubs can featured patterns and designs to comfort children, offer your name and title in embroidery, and there are even a choice of styles- whether you want to wear a skirt or long pants, short sleeves or long, uniform scrubs have come a long way.

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