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Team Uniforms Provide a Sense of Identity and Eliminate Confusion

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It is a tradition in many areas of life for a group of people that work, play or are united in some way, to wear team uniforms. At a glance, members of the same team can be recognized and acknowledged for being members and for playing on the same team.

Team uniforms provide unity and identity to those people that wear them. Imagine seeing a bunch of football players playing a serious game of football without the players on their team wearing the same outfit, there would be complete chaos. There are obvious reasons that a uniform is necessary in sports. In the heat of the game, players need to be able to quickly identify the players on their team. They want to be able to glance up quickly and know where the people on their team are located. Definitely, they do not want to pass the ball on to a player on the other team.

Every nation identifies the various branches of their military in a unique way. Uniforms are usually very different and distinct from one another so that people will be able to quickly know and identify who is who. Not only that, every faction or separate organization within a group of troops will usually have either a unique outfit that identifies who they are, or another piece of regalia that is symbolic.

Members of the same crew, regardless as to what faction it is, are expected to wear the same type of outfit. This boosts morale among team members and gives those members of the same unit a sense that they belong to the same club; in other words that they are members of the same gang. The morale that comes from being dressed just like the other members of your team can not be denied. Although we all strive for individualism and want to show was is unique or distinct about ourselves, we also have a very strong need to belong and to be a part of something. Uniforms symbolize this type of belonging in a very clear way.

When required to line-up, a troupe is required to and will always look its best. Military units are often so tight that the failure of one squad member will often be interpreted as a blemish on the whole company. They move as a unit and are judged as a unit.

The fact is, in every day life, there is often a lot of objection to wearing uniforms, especially at the point where the use of uniforms is first introduced. Many people feel that their individuality is stifled by a uniform and they have very strong objections to wearing any kind of uniform that makes them look the same as another person. Other people think that it makes life easier, especially those people that struggle to find clothing and outfits that match; people that struggle with knowing what to wear. Still, others actually enjoy the feeling of being a part of a contingent and feel pride if the organization that they represent has a good reputation.

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