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Uniforms help team spirit

All teams need a uniform. When you are in the middle of a game, the color of your teammate's uniform may be the first thing you notice when you need to pass the ball.

Cheerleaders' uniforms brighten up even the dullest day! They're instantly recognizable and cheerleaders in uniform help to raise the excitement of any sporting event, from the local high school through to the Super Bowl.

Sports Uniforms
What Color Football Uniforms Today?
Most football teams, from the youth teams right on up through the NFL, have at least two different sets of football uniforms. They have the all-white version, featuring white pants and...

Cheerleading Uniforms!
Cheerleading has certainly come a long way. Starting out as just organized expressions of team spirit, it has managed to become a serious competitive sport, and has even been considered for inclusion...

Baseball Uniforms
Baseball uniforms are sold from many vendors on and offline who specialize in offering a wide variety of sportswear for athletic games and practices. Sportswear can be purchased from department stores in your local mall or...

Basketball Uniforms Through the Years
People's fascination for basketball is as old as the game itself. If you are an avid basketball fan, you have probably witnessed not only eras of certain players or teams ...

Custom Sports Uniforms: The Basics
Branded sports uniforms feel and look good. The materials used to manufacture the clothing are often durable and easy to maintain, but they can also be very expensive. Therefore, it might not be very...

A Cheerleading Outfit: More Than Meets the Eye
They do the job of emphasizing the large movements of cheerleaders and catching the eye of those that watch them perform. Cheerleading outfits are unique and are easily recognizable; a tight...

Hockey Uniforms in the National Hockey League
The first hockey jerseys were mainly blue, red and white with the name or first letter of the team in the front and a number in the back. Yellow was introduced by the Hamilton Tigers, probably the first team to...

Baseball gloves 101
Baseball gloves were not originally part of the uniform when baseball was first played in the 1870's. Back in those days, only the youth used these mitts, because adult fielders who used gloves were considered 'weaker' in that they could not take the force of catching the baseball by their ...

Guide to Soccer Uniforms for the Volunteer Parent
If you are a volunteer soccer coach, you've probably seen it all: the soccer uniforms you ordered not coming on time, uniform replacements taking ages to arrive, and children wailing because their uniforms don't fit. Don't worry, you are not alone - even professional soccer team organizers have ...

A History of Volleyball Uniforms
Today's volleyball uniforms and sportswear starts with the proper shoes. Many of the major athletic shoe makers are creating sneakers specific for volleyball uniforms, including Asics, Reebok, Nike, and New Balance among others. Almost all ...

Tennis Uniforms: Choosing the Right Apparel
In 1874, Major Walter Wingfield invented a game called Sphairistikè that was based on a 12th Century French game called Paume. This game is considered as the immediate ancestor of our modern day Tennis. The name was changed from ...

School Softball Uniforms
There are a large variety of softball uniforms being worn by youth softball teams in the schools around the world. Some sportswear designed for softball players' features long pants, in the traditional white color, or in fun ...

How to Buy Cheerleading Shoes
Cheerleading uniforms usually consist of cheerleading shoes, ankle socks, a pleated box skirt, a-line skirt or cheerleading pants, and a shirt that features the school's name or team mascot. Of course, most cheerleaders will want their cheerleading shoes to be ...

Team Uniforms Provide a Sense of Identity and Eliminate Confusion
It is a tradition in many areas of life for a group of people that work, play or are united in some way, to wear team uniforms. At a glance, members of the same team can be recognized and acknowledged for being members and for playing on the same ...

Lacrosse Uniforms and Equipment
Lacrosse was a violent, aggressive game mainly because it was used as tool for training in the art of war. There were no prescribed uniforms because it was largely considered a savage game. However, as the game continued to evolve and started to gain popularity among ...

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