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Custom Sports Uniforms: The Basics

Soccer Uniform

Branded sports uniforms feel and look good. The materials used to manufacture the clothing are often durable and easy to maintain, but they can also be very expensive. Therefore, it might not be very practical to get branded sports apparel for your team, especially if you have a considerable number of players and managing on a tight budget.

The most sensible thing to do while deciding the uniform design, type, color etc for your team is to create and design your own custom sports uniforms. Whether itís a basketball team, a football team, a baseball or a soccer team, your sports team can save a lot of money this way and create sports uniforms that match the style and attitude of your team.

The design:

The first step you need to take is to choose the right style and design. Fashion may not be the most important thing on your mind while deciding what type of uniform to get for your team but remember, style does count. You need to have a team that looks good on the field or on the court. Details like fit, the average length of the shorts, V-neck or round-neck jerseys etc matter a lot. Remember, people do judge sports teams by their outfits.

The material and fabric:

While choosing the fabric for the uniform, make sure that itís easy to maintain, wash or wear and comfortable enough on the skin. Itís ideal to choose fabrics that absorb moisture and sweat from the body and easily dry off, like polyester microfibers or a blend of microfibers and cotton. Mesh patterned jerseys should also be considered because they allow added air circulation.

The color:

Itís going to take a little creativity and imagination when choosing the right color for your team uniform because all the basic colors like blue, red, white, black, green, gold etc have been used by other sports teams in some way or the other. The trick here is to create a careful and unique color combination that is distinct enough for people to identify your team and your uniform. For example, experiment with unusual stripes that may run vertically or horizontally, combining all sorts of colors.

Names and Numbers:

A sports team Uniform usually has a name on the back and a number on both sides of the uniform. Choose font styles that will complement (but not match) the color of the uniform, and never too flashy. The name and the number should be easily readable, and preferably written in a bright contrasting color. You also donít have to go the conventional way when choosing the location of the number on your uniform. You can opt for placements on the right chest, left chest, on the left or right arm, on the thigh, or on the helmets if itís a football team.

Note: If your budget can afford it, instead of printing letters and numbers on your uniforms, you can order them to be tackle-twilled. This is a method in which twill, a cotton fabric is precut into letters or numbers and sewn onto the uniform. Twill will not run or shrink even if itís washed and is more durable than print.

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