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There are a large variety of softball uniforms being worn by youth softball teams in the schools around the world. Some sportswear designed for softball players' features long pants, in the traditional white color, or in fun, solid colors to go with the school's colors, or the basic pinstripes- the same styles seen on the major league baseball players, while other softball uniforms consist of shorts designed specifically for softball. Jerseys are also made in a variety of materials and styles. Some are short sleeved, tee shirts with the team name imprinted on the front and the player's number on the back. Others are button down, long or short sleeve tops, similar to those worn by the major league baseball players. The colors vary for both tops and bottoms of softball uniforms, but the typical youth sportswear will be in the school's colors. Most softball uniforms will also have a baseball cap style hat to wear.

Softball uniforms are worn to indicate which team the youth is playing on during the game, and to demonstrate school spirit. The uniforms are made of durable materials that will hold up when sliding into home base, swinging a bat and throwing the ball. If a school purchases sportswear in extremely high quality materials, the softball uniforms will also be stain resistant much to the delight of parents who try to wash out grass stains and dirt!

Many schools (particularly those with higher sports budget allowances) will improve the softball uniforms they offer their students by including warm up and practice sportswear as well as the standard game uniforms. Hooded or regular style sweatshirts in the school color and featuring the team name or mascot are common, as are windbreaker jackets for cool weather days of practice outdoors. Softball pitchers will tend to keep a windbreaker jacket or sweatshirt over their pitching arm in between innings on a cool or rainy day, helping to keep the muscles nice and warm and encouraging the pitcher to stay warmed up in order to pitch to the best of their ability. While most students will attend practice wearing their own gym shorts or sweatpants, in some school districts, the softball uniforms for youth may even include warm up pants, like wind pants or sweatpants- also featuring the school logo, name or mascot and in the school colors. All softball players (except for the youngest leagues) wear sneakers with cleats in order to increase their traction when running the bases.

Youth sportswear, including softball uniforms and other sporting uniforms, can be purchased through local sports vendors, as well as online uniform companies. You can often get discounts when purchasing softball uniforms in large quantities online- so if you are buying softball uniforms for two or three teams in your school district, you should definitely take the time to browse the various online softball uniform companies before purchasing your sportswear at the local mall or department store. Many companies will provide custom imprinting as well, and at a reasonable cost.

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