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Including Chef's Uniforms

Chef's uniforms are quite distinctive: the white chef's hat is probably one of the most recognizable symbols across the world.

The uniforms worn by chef's have to be practical in the heat and bustle of the kitchen. The workwear needs to protect both the chef and the food that they are cooking.

Other restaurant staff also wear uniforms. Waiters in hugher class restaurants will often wear a tuxedo whilst more casual establishments will normally have their own uniform style for waiters and waitresses to wear.

Restaurant Uniforms
Types of Restaurant Uniforms
If you are planning on working in the food service industry, you can expect that you'll be required to wear some variety of restaurant uniforms. While some of the more casual style eating places; like a bar or coffee shop, may be more relaxed in the type of uniform you are ...

Memoirs of Chefs' Uniforms
Ever wondered why chefs wear white robes? And do you know what their tall white hats are for? Well, wonder no more. Here are the answers to all the how's and why's of chefs' uniforms. There are many myths about how the chefs' uniforms came ...

Unique Gift Idea: Chef Hats
Another special occasion is coming up and you have no idea what to give to your friends - friends who happen to be either professional chefs, or just love to cook. Who can blame you? People who can cook tend to be nitpicky, and it could get embarrassing to ...

Chefs Clothing has Changed Its Style
Chefs clothing was always a large white anorak that was placed over street clothing and served the purpose of being like an apron for the chef. Finally, more creative clothing options are being designed to truly make a chef look good while ...

No More Boring Chef Jackets
Although chef jackets have looked relatively similar for quite some time, designers of clothing for the kitchen have been a bit more adventurous in recent years; designing clothing for chefs and cooks that has a little spice and ...

Chef Pants
Ever wondered if the cook's in your favorite restaurant wear jeans or corduroys to work? Well, maybe it's never actually crossed your mind, but if you're interested in becoming a chef, you may wonder what kind of chef pants you'll be required to wear ...

Types of Chef Coats
When you picture a chef making his or her special dishes in the kitchen of a typical restaurant, what would that person's uniform look like? Most people would probably imagine a chef who is wearing a button down, white chef's coat, (sometimes called a cape or jacket) and all cotton, baggy style ...

The Chef Uniform and its Functional Purposes
raditionally, the chef uniform which includes components such as the Toque Blanche, the Double-breasted jacket, apron and necktie, was designed and developed out of necessity rather than fashion (as it is today). Each component of the uniform serves specific purposes which are often overlooked by many people and ...

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