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How a postman delivers your mails- in style!

Even in this age of emails, everyone still relies on the postal service to take care of bulky deliveries, and for the age-old Christmas cards that online versions will never replace. With all the packages that need sorting and transporting, do you ever wonder why your mailman still looks sharp and happy when he greets you at your doorstep? His postal uniform plays a big part!

Elbeco has dressed couriers, messengers and mailpersons for many years now, and according to them, they treat postal uniforms as 'technological innovations.' Their challenge is to constantly come up with designs that are functional and comfortable, but at the same time good-looking. And it looks like they're succeeding so far.

The company has been veering postal uniforms away from the older stiff and uncomfortable apparel to the more comfortable letter carrier shirts, trousers and shorts. Among the styles of letter carrier shirts are traditional dress shirts, shirtjacs, and the best-selling polo knit shirts. There is also a great selection of trousers available for the modern mailman - walking shorts and walking culottes equipped with the latest 'strength features.' They come in fabrics of tropical, winter and summer weights, so the postal carrier is assured of comfort throughout the year. As a bonus, all men's trousers have triple-stitched crotch and double tipped pockets that help them to be the most durable trousers on the market.

Women in the postal service specially-made trousers so that they can enjoy durability and functionality without feeling like they're wearing men's pants. Women's trousers, walking shorts and walking culottes are made with either lightweight or winterweight orlon (505 polyster/50% orlon) that is not only comfortable, but also good-looking. All women's styles feature hip pocket with flap, waistband tab closure and elastic side panels for ultimate functionality.

Elbeco also dresses window clerks. Window clerks' postal uniforms are either long-sleeved or short-sleeved dress shirts made of combed cotton blends. Heather gray and navy blue pleated dress trousers, 'skorts' and skirts complete this stylish uniform.

Postal uniforms online. Each year, mailpersons receive a $328 uniform allowance, and they traditionally went to the stores themselves to buy their postal uniforms. There has been an interesting shift from this behavior recently, however. Couriers have discovered the power and convenience of online shopping, which is safe, faster, and much more convenient.

Roger Heldman of Blumenthal Uniform Company is cashing in on the trend. He established Postal Uniforms Direct, which sells mailman uniforms online and ships them nationwide. The online business is manned by seven people, and in based in North Kansas City, Mo.

According to Heldman, it helps a lot that postal uniforms are standardized on a national basis. The stock inventory is therefore not as diverse as it would have been without the standardization policy. This lessens the chances of mistakes in order taking and shipping.

Postman's wishlist. Browsing through Postalmag.com will let you in on some of the things about postal uniforms that mailmen wish were better. Most of their suggestions are practical, like changing the fabric of pants from polyester to cotton, while some proposals are more radical, like sleeveless shirts for those working in tropical regions. We may or may not see these postal uniform suggestions implemented in the future, but if these are what postmen need to continue going that extra mile to make sure we get our mail, then let's hope they get their wish.

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