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Including School Uniforms and Military Uniforms

Uniforms are everywhere. Discover information here about school uniforms, Boy Scout uniforms, Girl Guide uniforms.

Miltary uniforms have changed over the century. The uniforms worn in the American Civil War were vastly different to the varied and practical uniforms worn by the Army, Navy and Air Force nowadays.

Martial Arts such as judo, kung fu and karate all require uniforms that do not restrict their wearer and allow them to be flexible and quick to respond.

Other Uniforms, including School Uniforms and Military Uniforms
School Uniforms
Deliberations over whether school uniforms should be implemented in public schools across the United States (US) has set off different advocacies butting against each other. Attitudes have been so diverse that even ...

Military Uniforms and Those that Wear Them
Military uniforms are neat, attractive and perfectly designed to impressively show off those that fight for their country. Great pride is demonstrated by those that wear military attire whether they are of the air force, navy or army officers ...

Boy Scout Uniforms in the USA
The first Scout uniform designed by Sir Robert Baden-Powell had a lot of military influence. Following in his steps, the early Scout uniforms in America were also very similar to that of the United States Army. However, compared to England and other European countries, Uniform standards were ...

Girl Scout Uniforms by Age-Level
Inspired by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting Program in the United Kingdom, Juliette Gordon Low started a Girl Scouting organization called the American Girl Guide troops on March 12, 1912 in Savannah, Georgia. In 1913, they changed their name to Girl Scouts ...

The Development of Civil War Uniforms
Soldiers participating in a civil war need some form of camouflage while at the same time have symbols of who they are and their cause as past of the uniform. Civil war uniforms are often impromptu loosely put together uniforms. They are in use today in ...

Navy Uniforms Then and Now
Navy uniforms are diverse depending on the weather conditions and the situation that a navy sailor is required to head in to. Although their trousers are not as flared as they once were, navy outfits are still impressive and eye-catching ...

Karate Uniforms
The karate uniform is more than an article of clothing. Students of the martial arts need to get into a certain state of mind- as well as have practical clothing that will allow the student to twist, jump, kick and have complete freedom of movement. Martial arts students, whether they are students of karate, judo, or tae kwon do, all wear similar karate uniforms ...

Impressive Kung Fu Uniforms
Kung fu, kick-boxing and karate are just a few of the popular martial arts that have grabbed the imaginations of people in the west. These sports are energetic, fun and full of challenging but impressive ...

The World of Dance Uniforms
Instructional dance centers that teach their dance students ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap or other forms of dancing may require their students to wear specific dance uniforms based on the style of dancing you'll learn. You may be dressed in leotards and tutu's, simple exercise apparel, or in complete costume if preparing for a play or a ...

The Special Requirements of Judo Uniforms
The martial art of Judo is a very physical sport. Not only are people grabbed by their judo uniforms, thrown down to the ground and caught off guard, they also have to learn a string of disciplined moves and learn how to ...

Uniforms and Society
Uniforms have long been part of customs and social collectives. These attires establish the commonness of members of an organization, occupation and profession. But uniforms do more than just group people into associations or social strata. In more ways than ...

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