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Navy uniforms are diverse depending on the weather conditions and the situation that a navy sailor is required to head in to. Although their trousers are not as flared as they once were, navy outfits are still impressive and eye-catching.

Navy uniforms are often completely blue or completely white in color. The traditional, popular image that most of us have of a sailor is that of a strong, immaculately dressed young man, with trousers that flare at the bottom. Although navy garb hasn't change much over the past century, navy trousers are not quite so flared.

Navy officers and those sailors that make up their squadrons, need well-made uniforms that last, that look good, that wear well (allowing the sailor to move around freely) and that are appropriate for the varying weather conditions that navy sailors will contend with out at sea.

On the water, sailors are subject to cold, sea water, high winds and at times fierce heat. They need clothing that can stand up to these conditions and keep them comfortable. Fleece is a popular material for clothing the members of a navy squadron because although it is light in weight, it does a great job of keeping people warm. For warmth, layering of clothing always works best in trapping layers of air beneath the clothing to maintain a warm body temperature. This is especially important out at sea since there is a huge threat of hypothermia for those that are exposed to cold, sea water on extremely cold days.

Every country takes pride in its well-dressed, well-outfitted naval forces. Still, it is not all about looks. Sailors in the navy are sent on missions that require them to endure some very, harsh conditions. Being away from dry land at the best of times can be challenging, being required to brave the seas at any time under, any conditions is truly difficult. Furthermore, as tough as navy sailors are, they would very quickly come down with a sickness if they became exposed to harsh weather conditions without proper attire for an extended period of time.

A navy flotilla setting sail for the sea is a site to see. Whether you agree with their mission or not, navy sailors are usually handsomely outfitted for their departure from land. The smart, crisp uniforms that sailors can be seen wearing when they are lined-up in preparation to board their ship is not the same uniform that they wear out at sea on a daily basis. Their job and their expertise is the sea and while at sea, they wear clothing that allows them to work at their job while maintaining their physical person in a healthy state.

Although the discipline of the navy will always have its squadrons looking smart, the material that the various navy uniforms are made of will differ depending on climate and the other conditions that the sailor is heading into. A sailor can not be dressed lightly when his mission will take place in polar regions or at winter time. Similarly, tropical environments or summertime missions will require loose-fitting attire that allows cool air to reach the body.

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