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Military Uniforms and Those that Wear Them

Military Uniforms

Military uniforms are neat, attractive and perfectly designed to impressively show off those that fight for their country. Great pride is demonstrated by those that wear military attire whether they are of the air force, navy or army officers.

Most of us can very easily identify the various armed forces of our country simply by a quick glance at the uniform they are wearing. This really is the whole idea! All armed services develop a strong sense of pride in who they are and what they represent through their uniforms. They want you to know who they are and what they represent and a lot of this is portrayed through the various uniforms that they wear.

The armed forces of any country carry themselves with pride. Uniforms are often neat, clean and crisp when a presentation is being made in public or when the unit is on display as a single military group. Whenever a soldier returns home from the army or the navy, they wear their uniform with pride and walk tally down the street. A lot can be said about the good benefits of uniforms for military personnel.

Within just a short time of joining the army, navy or air force, recruits quickly develop a strong sense of pride and identity, not only from the closeness that they have established with their comrades but also from their military uniforms. Their uniform distinguishes them from the other armed forces, as well as from civilians and it also it also provides an attractive sight for civvies, especially civilian members of the opposite sex. Not many women would dispute the fact that a strong man in uniform is completely irresistible.

A combat uniform will be very different to the formal attire that air force, navy and army combatants will wear when they are on parade or marching for the public. In that occasion they will be dressed their best and well outfitted to provide an impressive presentation. On the battle field, their clothing will be all practical and appropriate for combat. In combat, the soldier does not want to be easily noticed or identified by the enemy but rather, camouflaged and discreet. He will be carrying all of his soldierly gear on his person and will need attire that is completely practical. At this time, he will not be worrying about looking good or impressive but rather about functioning well and performing his duties.

Military uniforms have a long history, just like the military as an institution. This means that uniforms and attire do not change rapidly or regular. There is more of a tradition of stability and non-change in most arms of the military. You could say that there is an, "if it aint broke don't try to fix it", mentality in the military as an institution. There are positives to this, the various branches are always easy to identify. We always know the difference between an army officer and a navy officer and can tell an air force man when we see one.

Uniforms are issued to recruits when they join the military. They are charged with keeping the uniform neat and clean and in knowing how to fold, iron and wear the uniform properly. Camouflage and combat wear have enjoyed a great deal of fashion success however formal military wear remains distinct and appropriate only for those that are in the armed services.

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