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Medical Uniforms and Nursing Scrubs

Uniforms worn by your Medical Practitioners

Staff in hospitals and doctor's surgeries wear uniforms. Nursing scrubs are one of the most common forms of uniforms found. They are instantly recognizable and this helps to give you confidence in the medical care you will be receiving.

Gone are the days of nurses looking like Florence Nightingale, the modern medical uniform is much more practical for today's faster paced society. Variations on colors of medical scrubs have even turned them into fashionable items to wear.

Medical Uniforms and Nursing Scrubs
Uniform Scrubs
Healthcare professionals are almost always required to wear uniform scrubs while at work. While scrubs were once just a basic, solid color, typically white for nurses and blue or green for doctors, there is now some variety in the design of healthcare uniform scrubs ...

Medical Uniforms Get Smarter, Work Harder
Doctors are wearing the latest healthcare technology on their sleeves…literally. Modern-day medical uniforms do not stop at functionality; now, they're even...

Nursing Scrubs Reinvented
Funky prints on nursing scrubs make children's hospitals and retirement homes just a bit livelier. Nursing scrubs have gone from drab to fab. Yes, fashion has invaded even the most somber of hospitals. Gone are the days when all nurses were dressed in boring ...

Changes in Hospital Uniforms
If you think back to the traditional nurses attire, either based on your own experience or what you've seen in the movies, what did most hospital uniforms consist of? A white nurses cap, a button down lab style coat, also in white, and a knee length white skirt or ...

Nursing Uniforms: Degenerating?
The traditional nursing uniform has taken a backseat recently, as more and more hospitals, retirement facilities, convalescent homes, and other healthcare institutions require their nurses to wear nursing scrubs. But this shift from the customary crispy, tailored-white outfit to the contemporary ...

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