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How a father and his son forever changed healthcare fashion

When Rudolph Landau was still driving from garage to garage selling workmen's uniforms back in 1938, he probably never expected his business to grow into an empire. But that is exactly what happened. After six decades, Landau Uniforms - the business Rudolph started in his old Ford - is now one of the leading producers of healthcare apparel.

Landau Uniforms was responsible for the drastic but very pleasant change in uniform fashion in the 1980's. Thanks to it interesting prints and textures, hospitals across the country became a little less gloomy. Decades later, Landau still continues to manufacture the most sought-after healthcare ensembles, and its collections are still incessantly expanding.

The market success of Landau Uniforms is largely attributable to its dedicated employees and reliable suppliers, but it owes its empire status to one man - Nat Landau.

When his father died in 1957, fresh-out-of-college Nat went back to his hometown Memphis to help his mother run the business. Nat had bigger visions for the company. He decided that Landau Uniforms should stop being a mere dealer and become an actual manufacturer of uniforms.

And so he initially hired 5 seamstresses to work in the basement of Landau's small retail outlet. They started selling basic laboratory coats until they gained enough momentum to expand their production and introduce new products. The market was very receptive to Nat's innovative designs, and soon, Landau Uniforms was able to establish its own full-grown manufacturing plant.

Landau Uniforms launched its first line of scrubs with fashion-focused colors in the 1980's, and then its printed varieties soon after. The fun, less stuffy designs were an instant hit to doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners who have long been looking for fresh versions of the classic white or solid scrub. Landau's sales zoomed up, sealing its fate as a market leader in uniform manufacturing.

Among Landau Uniforms' bestsellers are its comfortable crossover tunics, sleeve jackets, and argyle embroidered flared leg pants. Its square-neck and V-neck tunics are also making waves, but its signature trouser pants are still number one in most healthcare professionals' 'want list.'

Landau Uniforms uses state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing its products, so its employees are continuously trained to handle the latest machines. The company invests heavily on employee improvement so that it can produce only the best quality healthcare uniforms. Landau also prides itself for its ability to build long term relationships with its customers, employees, and suppliers.

Two new bloods joined Landau Uniforms lately - Bruce and Gregg Landau. Together with Nat, they added four specialty brands to the company's portfolio.

Landau Fx was launched to cater specifically to the more trendy and fashion-conscious healthcare professionals. The brand features more body-fitting styles in hip colors. They also launched Landau Plus for full-figured healthcare professionals. And for male wearers, they introduced Landau Men, with designs that address specific clothing needs of men.

Landau Uniforms now also manufactures collegiate scrubs for students pursuing medical fields. The scrubs feature specially-designed alma matter logos and insignia. Like the rest of Landau's collections, its collegiate scrubs have become instant hits.

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