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The Special Requirements of Judo Uniforms

Martial Arts Uniforms

The martial art of Judo is a very physical sport.

Not only are people grabbed by their judo uniforms, thrown down to the ground and caught off guard, they also have to learn a string of disciplined moves and learn how to break their own fall when brought down.

Judo is an exciting martial art that operates by understanding balance and the human body. Those that practice judo need to know how to fall and how to understand the movement and the placement of their opponent's body. As with all martial arts, judo requires a lot of flexibility and movement from the body. Therefore, naturally, a judo uniform has to be loose, flexible and free of any tightness around the joints that would restrict the movement of the judo practitioner. Really, the same can be said about any martial arts uniform. This goes for kick-boxing, karate or even tae kwon do.

As with many martial arts, the belt on a judo uniform visually demonstrates the level that has been attained by the person that is wearing it. The judo student works their way progressively from a white belt all the way up to a black belt, through sheer hard work and perseverance. The judo belt is a definite part of the judo outfit, just like with kung fu and karate. Every beginning judo student aspires to one day be a judo expert and to proudly wear a coveted black judo belt that they have earned. Full-grown adults that practice judo can wear the exact same jacket and pants as they learn judo, only ever changing their belt as they move from learning phase to phase.

Judo uniforms are made of a heavy canvas-like material. This is important as many judo moves involve grabbing and pulling on the judo jacket of the opponent. A uniform made of a lighter material would fall apart very quickly and would not last very long under these conditions. The lower part of the judo uniform is a pair of very loose fitting pants, with a low crotch. This allows the wearer to bend, fall and roll freely to execute perfect judo moves. Judo pants have a draw string around the waist that should always be well-fastened to keep the pants up during judo rounds.

Students of judo most often purchase their uniforms at the same school where they learn judo. This is natural, since in the beginning they will not know what to look for or how to shop for a judo uniform. However, as they grow in experience with their sport and learn more about their uniforms and their equipment, they will know what to look for and what materials to check for.

These days, the Internet is the best place to search for specialist sports gear. It does not matter how rare, unique or unusual your sporting uniform or equipment needs, these days you are almost guaranteed to find a web site that provides the uniform and the garb that you are looking for. If you have found a good web site for judo uniforms but still feel unsure about making a purchase, with the Internet, you still have the option of printing out the information that you find and checking with your judo instructor first before buying anything. Of course, the great thing about buying on the Internet is the convenience of being able to check for the uniform that you need without ever leaving your house or being able to check to see whether your local store has the uniform that you need in stock before you make your way over to the store to buy it.

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