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Girl Scout Uniforms by Age-Level

Girl Scout Uniforms

Inspired by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting Program in the United Kingdom, Juliette Gordon Low started a Girl Scouting organization called the American Girl Guide troops on March 12, 1912 in Savannah, Georgia. In 1913, they changed their name to Girl Scouts. During this time, the Girls Scouts wore blue uniforms comprising of dark blue blouses and skirts, light blue sateen ties, black felt campaign hats, and black shoes and stockings.

Uniforms are not compulsory to enroll as a Girls Scout but most members wear them at special events, functions and meetings. Girl Scouts are encouraged by their leaders to wear uniforms in order to cultivate a feeling of solidarity and identity amongst themselves. Girl Scout Uniforms are also regarded as symbols of prestige and pride.

In 1914, the color of the Girl Scout Uniform was changed from blue to khaki and finally in 1928, green uniforms were introduced into the Girl Scout Organization. Today, Girl Scout Uniforms mainly comprised of khaki and shades of blue and green. Girl Scouts are divided into five age-levels and there are different uniforms prescribed for each level. Members of each troop, with the guidance of their troop leader decide the color and components of the uniform their troop will wear.

Daisy Girl Scout Uniforms: Girls Scouts ages between 5 and 6 may wear uniforms comprising of a blue tunic over their normal clothes. The tunic is a good place to display pins and patches like Daisy Insignia Tabs, Membership Pins, World Trefoil Pin, Petals earned from learning Girl Scout’s “Promise and Law” etc. Official T-shirts, shorts and leggings are also allowed for Daisy Girl Scouts.

Brownie Girl Scout Uniforms: Girls Scouts aged 6-8 normally wear khaki sashes or vests over their uniforms to attach their Brownie Insignia Tabs, Try-Its, Troop Numerals, Membership Stars, Awards, Cookie Sale Activity Pins etc. Hooded Sweatshirt, Pull-on Pants, official skorts, leggings, skirts, pullovers, turtlenecks and T-shirts can be worn as uniforms by Brownie Girl scouts.

Junior Girl Scout Uniforms: For Girl Scouts aged 8-11, jade green pull-on style skorts, hooded sweatshirts, white short-sleeve polo shirts, and khaki cargo pocket pants and shorts were introduced recently as a part of their uniform. Normally, Junior Girl Scouts wear green Sashes and Vests to display Insignia and Awards.

Girl Scout Uniforms for ages 11-17: In 2001, khaki, navy, and light blue, and parachute style pants with bungee cords, V-neck T-shirts, stretch cotton fitted blouses, and hooded sweatshirts were introduced as optional uniforms for Girl Scouts aged 11-17. STUDIO 2BSM T-shirts (STUDIO 2BSM is a Girl Scouting Program designed to assist busy Girl Scout schedules), sashes and vests can also be worn by Scout Girls belonging to this age group.

Adult Girl Scout Uniforms: Girls Scouts above age 17 usually wear formal two-piece business suits as uniforms. The blouse can be used to display the Adult Insignia Tab, Adult Position Pin, Lifetime Membership Pin, Personalized ID Pin, Appreciation Pin, Awards and other insignias. They also have sweater sets, slacks and other casual clothes.

These uniforms and other items are available in the council shop and through the National Equipment Service (NES) catalog. Optional components like casual uniform pieces can be purchased directly from Lands' End, a shop that provides casual clothing (www.landsend.com, www.landsend.co.uk). Polo shirts, T-shirts, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, khaki pants and shorts are available from Lands’ End with Girl Scout name and logo in different styles.

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