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Instructional dance centers that teach their dance students ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap or other forms of dancing may require their students to wear specific dance uniforms based on the style of dancing you'll learn. You may be dressed in leotards and tutu's, simple exercise apparel, or in complete costume if preparing for a play or a dance recital. Dance uniforms include cheerleading uniforms, drill team outfits, and street clothes inspired hip hop attire. The type of shoes that you wear will depend on the style of dance you participate in, ballet slippers for ballet, tap shoes for tap, and for other dancing or cheering you'll wear sneakers, clogs, and slippers. For very casual home dance parties, you'll even find people dancing bare foot!

What sort of attire should you wear as your dance uniform when attending the ball, formal dance, or prom at your school? While not really considered a "dance uniform", the gown or dress ladies select for these formal events should be of proper attire, while the boys should not arrive to the dance in jeans! Males typically wear a tuxedo to a formal event, consisting of a shirt, vest, tie, jacket, and dress slacks, along with dress shoes. Traditionally, tuxedo jackets were always black, but now can be found in white, or gray, and occasionally other colors as well. Occasionally, a formal will allow boys to come in a suit in tie rather than a full tuxedo- it's best to check the rules out before you do so, however. Females traditional wear a gown or dress to a formal dance, prom or ball. Ladies seem to have the most options for deciding what dance uniforms to wear, as formal dresses are available in a wide range of colors, styles and materials. You can opt for long, flowing gowns, or a stylish black, curve-fitting dress. A ball gown is typically wider at the base and tight fitting on the waist, while a formal gown may be cut straight from the shoulders to the floor. Ball gowns are typically in pastel colors, while prom could go either colorful or black.

Dance uniforms for more relaxed atmospheres like a hoedown or hip hop themed dance can be a lot of fun! If you're going to a hoedown, you could really get into the theme with your dance uniform. Because a hoedown is a casual, country themed dance, you could wear jeans, cowboy boots, a button down shirt with a vest (complete with fringe!) and even a cowboy hat. It would be acceptable for females and males both to wear jeans to a hoedown, but some females may choose a jean skirt or similar paired with their cowboy boots. For hip hop dance uniforms, whether you are taking hip hop lessons or just going to a casual dance party, it's almost an "anything goes" type of event. Tank tops or hooded sweatshirts, baggy pants (wind pants or jeans, khaki, cargo- you name it, it can be made hip hop!) and sneakers make up the overall style of hip hop dance uniforms.

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