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For thirty years now, Crest Uniforms has been a leading manufacturer of uniforms for the healthcare and restaurant sectors. And in a market where competition is fierce and clients tend to switch brands easily, this company has managed to pull through and stay at the top. The secret to their continuing success? Affordability, quality, and attention to detail.

Crest Uniforms first became popular for its high quality nursing uniforms and medical scrubs, which are manufactured using special fabrics. Crest medical uniforms became instant hits because of their remarkable resistance to stain and amazing color retention.

Doctors and nurses preferred Crest Uniforms over other brands also because of they are never boring. Designs are up-to-date with the latest trends. Crest scrubs and nursing uniforms manage to hit three birds with one stone: they are always stylish, and always durable, and always exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Its hospital tops, for instance, range from snap fronts to pullovers and onto buttoned tops, vests, big shirts and ginghams. It pants and coats come in all sizes, and it carries uniforms of different materials for different seasons.

Crest Uniforms also offers one of the widest arrays of print designs for hospital scrubs and uniforms. The prints range from classic (solids) to the contemporary (abstract designs, tropical prints, etc.), and are sure to meet every hospital's preferences. There are even special prints for occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. It also offers monogramming services for a completely personalized look. What's more, Crest scrubs and hospital uniforms are made with breathable materials that guarantee complete on-the-job comfort.

Expanding business. But Crest Uniforms did not stop at dressing up the healthcare sector. It later introduced its line of restaurant uniforms, which, like its nursing and medical scrubs, became instantly popular.

Crest Uniforms' design studio has won several awards for its designs for two reasons: it quickly addressed and complied with the restaurant industry's unique demands, and it also understood and met the marketing goals of restaurant owners. It manufactures smart restaurant ensembles that are functional not only work-wise, but also promotion-wise by combining useful features (like big, tastefully designed pockets) with the brand's logos and color schemes. Crest Uniform provides a special service that guides restaurateurs through the uniform planning process, allowing them to have maximum control over the final design.

The little things that count. Crest Uniforms is also proud to have one of the best customer care services in the uniform manufacturing industry. Its ultra-modern website allows customers to order anytime of the day. They also ship orders across the country, so hospitals and restaurants everywhere can have access to the same quality uniforms no matter how far they are from Crest' s head office.

It's these extras that allow Crest to survive and lead the competitive uniform manufacturing industry. In a market where every other manufacturer can deliver the same quality wear at the same low prices, Crest makes its mark by bending backwards a little more. It's no wonder that when people talk of hospital and restaurant wear, they talk of Crest Uniforms.

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