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Cherokee has been in the business of creating and designing functional and stylish apparel for healthcare professionals since 1972. Cherokee uniforms promise the highest in fashion, while dressing you in complete comfort in your scrubs, medical uniforms and specialized footwear. The makers of Cherokee uniforms understand that healthcare professionals are more than just customers who are required to wear medical uniforms- they're individuals who spend their time taking care of the sick, and the elderly and deserve dependable, high quality attire that allows them to work in absolute comfort, while allowing them to show off their sense of style and fashion at the same time.

Shopping for Cherokee Uniforms couldn't be easier, thanks to the company's website that allows their products to be fully searchable by the type of print you're interested in, (there are well over fifty prints available from animals, to characters, to flowers and more!), the base color of your uniform, whether you want 100% cotton or polyester material for your medical uniforms, and then of course- by size of uniform required. If you prefer, you can select just tops or just bottoms, lab coats or warm-up jackets to further narrow your search results to exactly what you are looking for, saving you valuable time and making the entire process as simple as walking into a store and pulling an item of the nearest clothes rack!

The Cherokee brand of uniforms offers complete medical uniforms, meaning it also includes exceptional footwear, a shoe that is called "Rockers". Cherokee knows that there is absolutely nothing worse than standing and walking all day in shoes that pinch your toes, crowd your feet, or become heavier as the day goes on. Uncomfortable feet make for a very uncomfortable day! Cherokee designed the "Rockers" footwear especially for people who are in the medical industry, taking into consideration the length of time they spend on their feet, the amount of walking required, and of course, "rockers" feature what all Cherokee uniforms boast about- great fashion!

While Cherokee uniforms is the leader in bringing you innovative designs, prints and high fashion to your medical uniforms, Cherokee also recognizes that white is still the most commonly worn color for medical attire and features an entire line of products that come only in the standard, nurses uniform white. If your dress code requires that you wear only white, you can still dress it up a bit with clothing from Cherokee Uniforms. Lab coats with stylish cuts and fits, and tops that feature v-neck lines, or collars, can add an element of style to an otherwise plain looking uniform. Cherokee uniform pants are also created in a few different styles, from the standard elastic waist pull on pants, to cargo pants, comfortable drawstring waists, and even flared legged pants! Some of Cherokee's uniforms include delicate embroidery and lacy garments to add femininity and grace, so you're sure to find a uniform in white that pleases your personal fashion sense- as well as meets the requirements of your white dress code!

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