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Although chef jackets have looked relatively similar for quite some time, designers of clothing for the kitchen have been a bit more adventurous in recent years; designing clothing for chefs and cooks that has a little spice and adventure.

We have all seen the distinctive chef's uniform whether in a magazine, television or illustrated in other reading material. For the most part, a typical chef has a very distinctive look.

When a chef is producing delicious, unique specialty dishes that are nothing but scrumptious, it is only right that they be recognized for the great meals that they produce. Wearing distinctive attire in the kitchen sets the chef apart from other workers in a restaurant. This is important to demonstrate the authority of the chef as well as give the chef credit through recognition.

The origin of uniforms and anoraks in the kitchen relate to the development of hygiene regulations. A cook or a chef's coat protects their street wear from all of the potential messes in the kitchen and it stops anything that could be attached to the clothing from outside in the street from falling into food as it is prepared. Most chefs put on their work tunics over their regular clothes once they are in kitchen and remove their work attire at the end of each work day.

As with all areas of life, times are changing. This is true in and outside of the kitchen. These days, the distinctive look of a chef's uniform is not always what it used to be. Chef jackets no longer only come in white but they now come in a variety of colors. A chef anorak can be as much a fashion statement now as a practical tool for protecting food and clothing. Chefs, especially head chefs, are now allowed to wear fine threads while working in the kitchen. After all, there is a little something in all of us that wants to have a unique look that distinguishes us from the rest of the pack.

The distinctive chef tunic that probably comes to most people's minds when they think of a cook or a chef. Although in the past, manufacturers of uniforms tried to be creative; as creative as they could be with a white chef blazer. They would use different style buttons, make single-breasted, double-breasted, white chef jackets or they would be creative with the lapel making it larger or smaller. These touches really were the extent of their creativity. These days, chefs have more options in clothing.

When it comes to wearing a work uniform, there is always a certain level or rebellion or resentment especially when that uniform is 'required'. In many ways, it can take people back to their school days when they had no choice about wearing a uniform. Variety in chef's anoraks and blazers now give the opportunity for chefs to have a decent work wardrobe. Cool threads for chefs are becoming more and more commonplace as chef uniform manufacturers understand that a chef jacket does not have to be just one color or have just one look. Variety in chef uniforms is great for the fashion conscious chef that wants to feel comfortable and look good while they cook.

Where can chef jackets be found? All kitchen suppliers usually have a range of chef attire that cooks can choose from. Previously, chefs would look to mail order catalogs for more variety in their clothing however these days, the Internet is a great source of quality chef outfits.

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