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A Cheerleading Outfit: More Than Meets the Eye


Cheerleading costumes are bright, attractive fun and flirtatious.

They do the job of emphasizing the large movements of cheerleaders and catching the eye of those that watch them perform.

Cheerleading outfits are unique and are easily recognizable; a tight sleeveless top, short pleated skirt, short ankle socks and gym shoes are the typical attire. Cheerleading uniforms do more than simply associate the cheerleaders with their particular sports team, they are also aimed at mesmerizing those that watch the cheerleaders perform.

A simple, short skirt is not enough for cheerleading, the skirt needs to be cut and designed so that it is attractively shaped, while at the same time not expose more than it is supposed to. You will notice that a well-made cheerleading skirt is shorter at the sides and longer in the front and in the back. This allows proper coverage for the girls as they move around.

There is a huge difference between the costume of a male cheerleader and that of a female cheerleader. A male cheerleader uniform hangs very close to the body, exposing the lumps and bulges of the cheerleader's muscles. At the same time, their uniform is made of a cool, stretch material to allow for freedom of movement, which is important when you consider the moves that they are required to perform.

The job of a cheerleader is to support their sports team and to encourage the crowd to get excited about the game that they are watching, as well as to express their support for the sports team as they play. Cheerleaders deliver exciting routines and maneuvers that wow and excite the crowd. A cheerleading routine can involve cool dance moves, human pyramids and acrobatic tumbling. Cheerleaders need to be able to move around freely without restriction in their uniforms. As cheerleaders dance, leap and twirl through their routines, the brightness and the flair of their uniforms adds to the exciting effect of the routines. Cheerleading skirts flutter and sway freely, emphasizing the movements of the cheerleaders.

Cheerleading uniforms are often made of knit polyester and often have strips of colorful material or print patterns as part of the decoration. Cheerleading uniforms are usually purchased in bulk by the cheerleading team coach or manager, to ensure that everyone ends up with the exact same uniform. Mail order catalogs and specialty sport stores sell a variety of colors, designs and styles. The only thing that is needed once a team has decided on the look that they want is the customization of the outfit. This is usually done by adding the school logo or the nickname of the school to the design.

These days, the Internet has begun to replace the use of a mail-in catalog, simply because it is a much more convenient way of buying things. Web sites show pictures of various uniforms on offer with, color, pricing and size information. How much easier could it be?

The arrival of cheerleading uniforms is often a very exciting event all around, as the cheerleaders try on their garb and talk excitedly about how they look. For those cheerleaders receiving their first ever cheerleading costume, there is even more excitement as they may have waited many years for the chance to show off their dance and cheerleading abilities.

Cheerleading is a fun sport that requires flexibility, coordination and personality on the part of the cheerleader as well as the cheerleader uniform. Be sure that the uniform that you choose represents your team and your school and is as vibrant and exciting as the members of your cheerleading team.

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