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Boy Scout Uniforms in the USA


Brief History of Boy Scout Uniform

Sir Robert Baden-Powell, regarded as the founder of the Boy Scout Movement, wrote the first Scouting manual called "Scouting for Boys" in 1908. The manual was intended to accompany existing youth programs like the Boys Brigade of that time. Later on, it was used to form a group call Patrol of Scouts. The Scouting idea soon spread around the British Commonwealth and to other countries like the United States, and the Boy Scout movement became most successful youth movement in the world.

The first Scout uniform designed by Sir Robert Baden-Powell had a lot of military influence. Following in his steps, the early Scout uniforms in America were also very similar to that of the United States Army. However, compared to England and other European countries, Uniform standards were not too rigorous in America, where individual councils and troops had a lot of say on how to wear the uniform.

In 1922, the military style uniform was discarded by the Boy Scouts of America and knickers were the norm, which were finally replaced by long pants in the 1969. The scout uniform began to develop into more suitable field uniform and over the years a variety of hats, kerchiefs, knickers, long and short pants, were introduced. The scout uniform as we see it today was designed by Oscar de la Renta in 1981. Minor changes have been made, but the basic long baggy pants style still remains.

Boy Scout Uniform according to Divisions:

There are different membership divisions and levels in scouting, and each level has separate uniforms.

Tiger Cub Scout Uniform: The current uniform for Cub Scouts comprised of a blue shirt with blue/orange neckerchief and neckerchief slide. Formerly, it was the orange T-shirt with the Tiger Cub emblem on the front. Optional items include a cap and blue web belt. Uniforms are not compulsory for adult partners but they can wear the Tiger Cub orange T-shirt.

Cub Scout Uniform: Originally, the yellow Cub Scout neckerchief was worn by all Cub Scouts. However, the yellow neckerchief became the official Wolf Cub Scout neckerchief in 1984. Bear Cub Scouts also got their own light blue neckerchief during this period. When Oscar de la Renta redesigned the Boy Scout uniform in 1981, minor changes were made to the Cub Scout uniform, including the transition from English-style peaked caps to baseball-style caps.

Webelos Scout Uniform: During 1950s and throughout 1960s, Webelos Scouts wore the standard Cub Scout uniform with the Webelos den badge on. However, special Webelos insignia, neckerchief, and hat in were introduced in 1967. Then from 1984, Webelos hat, blue shoulder loops and other components like the color tan were incorporated into the Webelos Scout uniform.

Boy Scout Uniform: All Boy Scouts wear the basic tan and green Boy Scout uniform. However, each troop may have a specific neckerchief that is distinct from other troops. The badges displayed on the shirt may also differentiate one Boy Scout uniform from the other. “Class A” uniform refers to the standard official uniform while “Class B” stands for customized t-shirts or sweatshirts and other casuals. Boy Scout Uniform also comprises “Activity uniforms” designed especially for field projects, sports and other outdoor activities.

Varsity Scout Uniform: Varsity Scouts can wear the standard Boy Scout uniform, with the Varsity Scout insignia. They also have the option of wearing non-uniform pants and a Varsity Scout T-shirt.

Venture Scout Uniform: Venture Scouts also wear the standard Boy Scout uniform bearing the word, “Venture” above the “Boys Scout of America” strip. They also have other casual clothes to use as uniforms.

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