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Baseball uniforms are sold from many vendors on and offline who specialize in offering a wide variety of sportswear for athletic games and practices. Sportswear can be purchased from department stores in your local mall, or in specialty shops who offer custom designed baseball uniforms and sportswear. There are sportswear options for the youngest of little league players, to junior varsity and varsity levels of play in the school systems, to college level baseball uniforms, and of course- sportswear and uniforms for the professional level baseball teams.

For young children, most baseball coaches are probably only interested in the most basic sportswear for their teams in order to clearly distinguish their team from the competitions team when the players are all out on the field. A typical little league team baseball uniform will consist of a jersey with the team name and in the team color, and possibly a baseball cap. The children at this introductory level of sports play are usually allowed to wear their own pants, with their own sneakers or cleats. A low budget little league team might opt for a basic tee shirt style jersey in their team color, with iron on numbers placed on the back. A team that has raised funds or has more money in their baseball uniform budget may go for an actual jersey style shirt, similar to the ones seen on the professionals, complete with buttons down the front or made from the popular jersey mesh material.

As the children progress in age and ability from little league to junior or senior varsity sports teams at their schools, and then on to college level sports teams, the quality and design of the sportswear also improves. Typical baseball uniforms for the school level player would consist of a baseball hat, jersey shirt imprinted with the players' number and sometimes the players' last name or the school's name, paired with either baseball pants or baseball shorts. The players are usually required to purchase their own baseball cleats for games. Baseball pants are most often purchased in the standard all white style, or in white with gray pinstripes, however- there are teams who opt for colored baseball pants that match their teams colors and jerseys; instead of the all white variety.

Then of course, there is sportswear that is specifically designed for the professional baseball league players to wear. Baseball uniforms for the professionals will vary and the colors and style will depend on the team that you play for- but all are made from high quality, stain resistant materials that won't rip when sliding into home base!

In addition to the standard baseball uniforms that are worn during actual game play, there is sportswear designed for sports team practices; often called "warm up gear". While little league players probably just wear their baseball uniform for both practices and games, once a player reaches the junior or varsity level of play, as well as college or beyond- most often the players will wear warm up gear during practices and baseball uniforms during the games. Warm up gear, like windbreakers, sweatshirts and sweatpants, can all be purchased to show off the team's name, colors, or both.

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