Football Team Punts on Cooling Vests to Tackle the Desert Heat

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September 18, 2004 -- Many USA competitors at the Athens Olympics used the Arctic Heat cooling vest to help them beat the heat and improve their performances. Soldiers in the Iraqi desert are even using the cooling vests to combat the harsh conditions.

The lightweight cooling vests sold by Arctic Heat USA allow athletes to play harder for longer, thus gaining an edge over the competition. Sports science has shown that by pre-cooling the body the effects of overheating can be delayed, thus providing a significant gain in performance. This means that pre-cooled competitors will sweat less, their heart rates are lower, and more energy can be directed towards producing personal bests rather than trying to keep the body cool.

The vest works using a two stage cooling process. The vests contain a gel-like substance that can be frozen or chilled, and will maintain that temperature for up to 2 hours. The cooling vests are manufactured using Woolmark's Sportwool fabric which incorporates Vapour Management Technology.

Saturday, September 18, Wisconsin traveled to Arizona to play NCAA College football in the heat of the midday sun. Temperatures are set to be in the mid 90s and the teams are very conscious of heat stress affecting performances. Yet it appears many football teams are unaware of the latest cooling products available.

This week we were reading news stories of the Arizona team having the ability to blow cold air into their uniforms to keep them cool. Wisconsin did not seem to have anything available to keep them cool, so we thought we would give them a little bit of help and supplied them with some Arctic Heat Cooling Vests to even the ledger. I think our ice vests will be a little more effective than some cold air, said John Surie, President of Arctic Heat USA.

Cooling vests for football teams is nothing new for the Arctic Heat company. The vests were originally designed with football players in mind and for the past 5 years every professional Australian Rules Football team has used the Arctic Heat Cooling Vests to keep their players cool. The Aussie Rules football players use the cooling vests before the start of the game and also during the quarter time and half time breaks to keep players cool, improve their performance, and protect them from heat stress injuries. said Surie.

The Arctic Heat USA body cooling vest, comes in a large range of sizes and retails for $174.95. It can be purchased online from the Arctic Heat USA online store

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