Who Needs Tailgate Parties? Or Uniforms? Web's Katwoman Welcomes Football Season as Queen of Tease

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THOUSAND OAKS, CA September 8, 2004 -- The Los Angeles area may be without an NFL team, but who needs guys in shoulder pads when Hollywoods new Queen of Tease has stripped the sport to its essence?

Shannon Marie Codner (www.katwoman.com), the Webs Katwoman, today ushered in the football season with a revealing new Gridiron Series of images in the Katwoman.com Gallery - a treat for sports fans and anyone with reasonably good vision.

The genesis for the series actually has more to do with pots and pans than with pigskins. When Codner recently appeared during a taping of Pamela Peaks in the Kitchen, the popular public access cable TV cooking show, she caught the eye of veteran journalist Gene Ross. Ross, writing in Adult FYI.com about Katwomans topless debut on the Peaks cooking show, called Codner a cutie (who) has areolas the size of DVDs.

Genes description inspired me to create a new Queen of Tease photo gallery on the Katwoman.com site, she said. With more skin than youd see in the Raiders locker room, the Gridiron Series is my version of fantasy football.

Here, of course, theres no 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, she said. In fact, anyone who signs up for the Katwoman newsletter is automatically entered in a contest to receive something very special an autographed copy of a hot new, limited edition poster from the series.

In addition to her budding Queen of Tease persona, Codner is also moving briskly on other fronts, having recently garnered a role in a new (yes, G-rated) western, Good Men Gone Bad. Look for updates on the shooting at www.katwoman.com.

Meanwhile, no overfed linebacker has yet come forward to take the ball from the Queen of Tease.

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