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Information about uniforms including school uniforms, medical uniforms, sports uniforms and restaurant uniforms.

Uniforms come in many shapes and sizes. Uniforms have a practical purpose: retail uniforms can help customers to easily identify members of staff; nursing uniforms (or scrubs) allow nurses flexibility whilst caring for patients.

Military uniforms have various uses and there are different styles available depending on whether the uniform is to be used in combat or for a more formal occasion.

Uniforms can also be used for fun - attending a fancy dress party in a Police uniform or a school uniform can set the tone for your fancy dress "character".

Use this site to discover the history of uniforms and their multitude of uses.

School Uniforms - they bring out strong feelings amongst parents and pupils alike. Like them or not, school uniforms are here to stay and provide a strong identify to the students who wear them ...

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Uniform Scrubs - Healthcare professionals are almost always required to wear uniform scrubs while at work. While scrubs were once just a basic ...

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What Color Football Uniforms Today? - Most football teams, from the youth teams right on up through the NFL, have at least two different sets of ...

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Police Uniforms - There is more than meets the eye with law enforcement and military corps uniforms. Patrolmen, gendarme and constables have ...

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Unique Gift Idea: Chef Hats - Another special occasion is coming up and you have no idea what to give to your friends - friends who happen to be either professional chefs, or just love to cook ...

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